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Password will be indicated in the password column.

2024 Release

DateRELEASE NAMEDownloadMirrorsPassword
10-05-2024AntDM Generic Hook 1.11DownloadMirrorsRDX2024
07-05-2024Bitsum Optimizers Patch 1.14DownloadMirrorsRDX2024
04-05-2024O&O Software Keygen 1.24DownloadMirrorsRDX2024
04-05-2024Beyond Sync Generic Hook 1.0DownloadMirrorsRDX2024
01-05-2024VCap Downloader Generic Hook 1.3DownloadMirrorsRDX2024
29-04-2024VCap Downloader Generic Hook 1.2DownloadMirrorsRDX2024
04-04-2024AntDM Generic Hook 1.10DownloadMirrorsRDX2024
27-03-2024O&O Software Keygen 1.23DownloadMirrorsRDX2024
26-03-2024BurnAware Patch 1.12DownloadMirrorsRDX2024
21-03-2024O&O Software Keygen 1.22DownloadMirrorsRDX2024
15-03-2024PDF Shaper Patch 1.4DownloadMirrorsRDX2024
29-02-2024BurnAware Patch 1.11DownloadMirrorsRDX2024
19-02-2024Glorylogic Products Patch 1.9DownloadMirrorsRDX2024
29-01-2024BurnAware Patch 1.10DownloadMirrorsRDX2024
16-01-2024Glorylogic Products Patch 1.8DownloadMirrorsRDX2024
09-01-2024BurnAware Patch 1.9DownloadMirrorsRDX2024

2023 Release

DateRELEASE NAMEDownloadMirrorsPassword
26-12-2023AntDM Generic Hook 1.9DownloadMirrorsRDX2023
12-12-2023BurnAware Patch 1.8DownloadMirrorsRDX2023
11-12-2023Glorylogic Products Patch 1.7DownloadMirrorsRDX2023
21-11-2023O&O Software Keygen 1.21DownloadMirrorsRDX2023
16-11-2023AntDM Generic Hook 1.8DownloadMirrorsRDX2023
11-11-2023Glorylogic Products Patch 1.6DownloadMirrorsRDX2023
09-11-2023AntDM Generic Hook 1.7DownloadMirrorsRDX2023
08-11-2023Icecream Apps Patch 2.4DownloadMirrorsRDX2023
07-11-2023BurnAware Patch 1.7DownloadMirrorsRDX2023
02-11-2023PDF Shaper Patch 1.3DownloadMirrorsRDX2023
02-11-2023AntDM Generic Hook 1.6.1DownloadMirrorsRDX2023
01-11-2023VCap Downloader Generic Hook 1.1DownloadMirrorsRDX2023
25-10-2023POIKOSOFT Products Generic Hook 1.1DownloadMirrorsRDX2023
24-10-2023Icecream Apps Patch 2.3DownloadMirrorsRDX2023
09-10-2023Glorylogic Products Patch 1.5DownloadMirrorsRDX2023
03-10-2023IcoFX 3.x Keygen 1.9DownloadMirrorsRDX2023
27-09-2023BurnAware Patch 1.6DownloadMirrorsRDX2023
26-09-20234K Download Products Activator 1.2 – SrcDownloadMirrorsRDX2023
13-09-2023Icecream Apps Patch 2.2DownloadMirrorsRDX2023
12-09-2023O&O Software Keygen 1.20DownloadMirrorsRDX2023
03-09-2023FastCopy Pro 5.x Activator 1.1DownloadMirrorsRDX2023
03-09-2023FileMenu Tools Patch 2.1DownloadMirrorsRDX2023
01-09-2023High-Logic Products Keygen 1.1DownloadMirrorsRDX2023
30-08-2023Glorylogic Products Patch 1.4DownloadMirrorsRDX2023
08-08-2023PDF Shaper Patch 1.2DownloadMirrorsRDX2023
01-08-2023Actual Installer Pro+ 9.x PatchDownloadMirrorsRDX2023
31-07-2023FastCopy Pro 5.x Activator 1.0DownloadMirrorsRDX2023
17-07-2023Data Recovery Products Keygen 2.3DownloadMirrorsRDX2023
14-07-20234K Download Products Activator 1.1 [Src]DownloadMirrorsRDX2023
14-07-2023Data Recovery Products Keygen 2.2DownloadMirrorsRDX2023
10-07-2023iVentoy 1.x LicGen 1.4DownloadMirrorsRDX2023
10-07-2023iVentoy 1.x LicGen 1.3DownloadMirrorsRDX2023
05-07-2023iVentoy 1.x LicGen 1.2DownloadMirrorsRDX2023
04-07-2023iVentoy 1.x LicGen 1.1DownloadMirrorsRDX2023
25-06-2023iVentoy 1.x LicGen 1.0DownloadMirrorsRDX2023
05-06-2023AVS4YOU Products Patch 2.1DownloadMirrorsRDX2023
Old ReleaseYT Downloaders Generic Hook 1.0DownloadMirrorsRDX2023
31-05-2023BurnAware Patch 1.5DownloadMirrorsRDX2023
26-05-2023xplorer² 5.x LicGen 1.4DownloadMirrorsRDX2023
23-05-2023Glorylogic Products Patch 1.3DownloadMirrorsRDX2023
23-05-2023O&O Software Keygen 1.19DownloadMirrorsRDX2023
22-05-2023StreamFab Generic Hook 1.0DownloadMirrorsRDX2023
18-05-2023POIKOSOFT Products Generic Hook 1.0DownloadMirrorsRDX2023
17-05-2023PDF Shaper Patch 1.1DownloadMirrorsRDX2023
15-05-2023BurnAware Patch 1.4DownloadMirrorsRDX2023
14-05-2023AntDM Generic Hook 1.5DownloadMirrorsRDX2023
07-05-2023xplorer² 5.x LicGen 1.3DownloadMirrorsRDX2023
18-04-2023Glorylogic Products Patch 1.2DownloadMirrorsRDX2023
12-04-2023BurnAware Premium/Pro Patch 1.3DownloadMirrorsRDX2023
29-03-2023Data Recovery Products Keygen 2.1DownloadMirrorsRDX2023
28-03-202316Software Products Keygen [Src]DownloadMirrorsRDX2023
27-03-2023Proxifier/YogaDNS Keygen [Src]DownloadMirrorsRDX2023
24-03-20234K Download Products Activator [Src]DownloadMirrorsRDX2023
22-03-2023BurnAware Premium/Pro Patch 1.2DownloadMirrorsRDX2023
15-03-2023Icecream Apps Patch 2.1DownloadMirrorsRDX2023
13-03-2023Icecream Apps Patch 2.0DownloadMirrorsRDX2023
07-03-2023AntDM Generic Hook 1.4DownloadMirrorsRDX2023
01-03-2023O&O Software Keygen 1.18DownloadMirrorsRDX2023
28-02-2023Glorylogic Products Patch 1.1DownloadMirrorsRDX2023
26-02-2023PasteItIn Activator 1.0 [Src]DownloadMirrorsRDX2023
26-02-2023TypeItIn Keygen 1.0 [Src]DownloadMirrorsRDX2023
25-02-2023Jitbit Macro Recorder Keygen [Src]DownloadMirrorsRDX2023
23-02-2023BurnAware Patch 1.1.1DownloadMirrorsRDX2023
18-02-2023NXPowerLite Desktop Keygen 1.0 [Src]DownloadMirrorsRDX2023 Software Keygen 1.0 [Src]DownloadMirrorsRDX2023
15-02-2023PDF Shaper Patch 1.0 (Premium/Pro)DownloadMirrorsRDX2023
08-02-2023SmartVersion/WinImage Keygen 1.0 [Src]DownloadMirrorsRDX2023
05-02-2023HitPaw Products Activator 1.0 [Src]DownloadMirrorsRDX2023
01-02-2023AntDM Generic Hook 1.3.1DownloadMirrorsRDX2023
27-01-2023VCap Downloader Generic Hook 1.0DownloadMirrorsRDX2023
25-01-2023HalfPriceSoft Products Keygen [Src]DownloadMirrors
25-01-2023SimpleSoft Simple Invoice Keygen [Src]DownloadMirrors
19-01-2023Glorylogic Products Patch 1.0DownloadMirrorsRDX2023
18-01-2023Blumentals Products Keygen 1.5DownloadMirrorsRDX2023
18-01-2023BurnAware Patch
16-01-2023Vovsoft Products Activator
10-01-2023FileMenu Tools Patch
10-01-2023AVS4YOU Products Patch
04-01-2023Havysoft Products Keygen [Src] 1.3DownloadMirrors

2022 Release

DateRELEASE NAMEDownloadMirrors
30-12-2022Icecream Apps Patch 1.17DownloadMirrors
29-12-2022PDF Shaper Professional 12.9 Crack (x86/x64)DownloadMirrors
27-12-2022Icecream Apps Patch 1.16DownloadMirrors
27-12-2022Raimersoft Products Activator 1.0DownloadMirrors
19-12-2022NIUBI Partition Editor Keygen [Source Code]DownloadMirrors
12-12-2022xplorer² 5.x LicGen 1.2DownloadMirrors
11-12-2022xplorer² 5.x LicGen 1.1DownloadMirrors
30-11-2022Havysoft Products Keygen [Source Code] v1.2DownloadMirrors
29-11-2022IDM Computer Solutions Generic Hook 1.0DownloadMirrors
27-11-2022Data Recovery Products Keygen 2.0DownloadMirrors
17-11-2022O&O Software Keygen 1.17DownloadMirrors
18-10-2022IcoFX 3.x Keygen 1.8DownloadMirrors
10-10-2022Icecream Apps Patch 1.15DownloadMirrors
18-09-2022AntDM 2.x Generic Hook 1.2DownloadMirrors
16-09-2022Icecream Apps Patch 1.14DownloadMirrors
13-09-2022Pichon CrackDownloadMirrors
13-09-2022O&O Software Keygen 1.16DownloadMirrors
07-04-2022O&O Software Keygen 1.15DownloadMirrors
19-03-2022Icecream Apps Patch 1.13DownloadMirrors
08-03-2022HD Sentinel 6.x PRO Activator 1.2DownloadMirrors
01-03-2022IcoFX 3.x Keygen 1.7DownloadMirrors
21-02-2022Light Image Resizer 6.x Patch 1.9DownloadMirrors
28-01-2022Bitsum Optimizers Patch 1.13DownloadMirrors
25-01-2022O&O Software Keygen 1.14DownloadMirrors
24-01-2022YT Generic Downloaders Patch 1.7DownloadMirrors

2021 Release

27-11-2021BID 5.x/6.x Generic Hook 1.2DownloadMirrors
26-11-2021EZ CD Audio Converter 9.x Generic Hook 1.0DownloadMirrors
26-10-2021O&O Software Keygen 1.13DownloadMirrors
23-10-2021AntDM 2.x Generic Hook 1.1DownloadMirrors
18-10-2021Vovsoft Software Patch 1.10DownloadMirrors
09-10-2021Light Image Resizer 6.x Patch 1.8DownloadMirrors
02-10-2021NCH Software Keygen 1.9DownloadMirrors
29-09-2021Light Image Resizer 6.x Patch 1.7DownloadMirrors
14-09-2021O&O Software Keygen 1.12DownloadMirrors
IcoFX 3.x Keygen 1.6DownloadMirrors
Bitsum Optimizers Patch 1.12DownloadMirrors
Vovsoft Software Patch 1.9Download
Pichon 9.x Patch 1.2Download
Ant Download Manager 2.x Generic HookDownload
Vovsoft Software Patch 1.8Download
YT Generic Downloaders Patch 1.6Download
Bulk Image Downloader 5.x Generic Hook 1.1Download
12-06-2021Icecream Apps Patch 1.12Download
Bulk Image Downloader 5.x Generic Hook (x86/x64)Download
28-05-2021Ant Download Manager Generic Hook 1.0 Beta 1Download
Pichon 9.x Patch 1.1Download
Pichon 9.x Patch 1.0Download
Bitsum Optimizers Patch 1.11DownloadMirrors
Bitsum Optimizers Patch 1.10DownloadMirrors
FxSound Pro 1.x [Generic Hook]DownloadMirrors
O&O Software Keygen 1.11DownloadMirrors
xplorer² 5.x LicGen 1.0DownloadMirrors
26-02-2021Icecream Apps Patch 1.10Download
NCH Software Keygen 1.8DownloadMirrors
Vovsoft Software Patch 1.7DownloadMirrors
Data Recovery (Comfy/East Imperial/Hetman/RS/Starus) Products Keygen 1.6DownloadMirrors
O&O Software Keygen 1.10DownloadMirrors
FastPCTools Products Patch 1.0DownloadMirrors
Light Image Resizer 6.x Patch 1.6Download
Light Image Resizer 6.x Patch 1.5Download
Auslogics Products Fixes 1.0 [Hook + Patch]DownloadMirrors
IcoFX 3.x Keygen 1.5DownloadMirrors

2020 Release


DateRELEASE NAMEDownloadMirrors
BurnAware Premium/Pro 13.7 CrackDownload
PDF Shaper Premium/Pro 10.3 CrackPREMIUMPRO
BurnAware Premium/Pro 13.6 CrackDownload
Pichon 8.x Patch 1.5Download
Data Recovery (Comfy/East Imperial/Hetman/RS/Starus) Products Keygen 1.5DownloadMirrors
BurnAware Premium/Pro 13.5 CrackDownload
PDF Shaper Premium/Pro 10.2 CrackMirrors
NCH Software Keygen 1.7DownloadMirrors
Bitsum Optimizers Patch 1.9Mirrors
BurnAware Premium/Pro 13.4 CrackDownload
10-06-2020Light Image Resizer 6.x Patch 1.4DownloadDownload
26-05-2020PDF Shaper Premium/Pro 10.1 CrackDownload
05-05-2020BurnAware Premium/Pro 13.3 Crack [UPDATED]Download
22-04-2020PDF Shaper Premium/Pro 10 Crack
14-04-2020IcoFX 3.x Keygen 1.4Download
13-04-2020O&O Software Keygen 1.8DownloadMirrors
11-04-2020xplorer² 4.x LicGen 1.2Download
07-04-2020BurnAware Premium/Pro 13.2 Loader/Crack
04-04-2020O&O Software Keygen 1.7Download
20-03-2020O&O Software Keygen 1.6DownloadMirrors
11-03-2020PDF Shaper Premium/Pro 9.9 Crack
03-03-2020BurnAware Premium/Pro 13.1 Loader/Crack
19-02-2020PDF Shaper Premium/Pro 9.8 Crack
19-02-2020O&O Software Keygen 1.5Download
04-02-2020BurnAware Premium/Pro 13.0 Loader/Crack
31-01-2020Bitsum Optimizers Patch 1.8Download
20-01-2020PDF Shaper Premium/Pro 9.7 Crack
06-01-2020Directory List & Print Pro 4.x Patch 1.7Download
06-01-2020Light Image Resizer 6.x Patch 1.3

2019 Release

DateRELEASE NAMEDownloadMirrors
21-12-2019WonderFox Products Keygen 1.7Download
20-12-2019Data Recovery Products Keygen 1.3Download
12-12-2019PDF Shaper Premium/Pro 9.6 CrackDownload
05-12-2019Pichon 7.x Patch 1.4
04-12-2019BurnAware Premium/Pro 12.9 Crack
22-11-2019Blumentals Products Keygen 1.4Download
13-11-2019Pichon 7.x Patch 1.3
07-11-2019VSO Video Converters/Downloader Patch 1.0Download
29-10-2019BurnAware Premium/Pro 12.8 CrackDownload
29-10-2019NCH Software Keygen 1.6Download
29-10-2019O&O Software Keygen 1.4Download
22-10-2019PDF Shaper Premium/Pro 9.5 Crack Products Keygen 1.1Download
02-10-2019BurnAware Premium/Pro 12.7 Crack
16-09-2019PDF Shaper Premium/Pro 9.4 Crack [Fixed]
12-09-2019High-Logic Products KeygenDownload
04-09-2019O&O Software Keygen 1.3
03-09-2019PDF Shaper Premium/Pro 9.3 Crack
02-09-2019Teorex Products Keygen 1.11Download
28-08-2019BurnAware Premium/Pro 12.6 Crack
28-08-2019O&O Software Keygen 1.2Download
25-08-2019Bitsum Optimizers Patch 1.7Download
31-07-2019BurnAware Premium/Pro 12.5 Crack
31-07-2019Bitsum Optimizers Patch 1.6Download
30-07-2019PDF Shaper Premium/Pro 9.2 Crack
26-06-2019Pichon 7.x Patch 1.2Download
24-06-2019WonderFox Products Keygen 1.5Download
10-06-2019PDF Shaper Premium/Pro 9.1 Crack
04-06-2019BurnAware Premium/Pro 12.4 Crack
16-05-2019PDF Shaper Premium/Pro 9.0 Crack
16-05-2019Actual Tools Products Keygen 1.0Download
14-05-2019xplorer2 4.x LicGen 1.1Download
11-05-2019O&O Software Keygen 1.1Download
09-05-2019O&O Software KeygenDownload
08-05-2019BurnAware Premium/Pro 12.x Patch 1.7
28-04-2019YT Generic Downloaders Patch 1.3Download
22-04-2019YT Generic Downloaders Patch 1.2Download
19-04-2019NCH Software Keygen 1.5Download
10-04-2019YL Computing Products Keygen 1.5Download
04-04-2019BurnAware Premium/Pro 12.x Patch 1.6
28-03-2019NCH Software Keygen 1.4Download
19-03-2019Pichon 7.x Patch 1.1Download
13-03-2019HD Sentinel 5.x PRO Activator 1.1DownloadMirror
13-03-2019BurnAware Premium/Pro 12.x Patch 1.5
12-03-2019BurnAware Premium/Pro 12.x Patch 1.4
11-03-2019xplorer² 4.x LicGen 1.0Download
10-03-2019BurnAware Premium-Pro 12.x Patch 1.3
10-03-2019FileMenu Tools 7.x Patch 1.3DownloadMirrors
04-03-2019YL Computing Products Keygen v1.4Download
04-03-2019Pichon 7.x Patch 1.0
03-03-2019Pichon Crack
23-02-2019Take Command/TCC/CMDebug Generic Patch 1.2DownloadMirror
18-02-2019Take Command/TCC/CMDebug Generic Patch 1.1Download

2018 Release

DateRELEASE NAMEDownloadMirrors
30-12-2018BurnAware Premium/Pro 11.x Patch 1.1Download
20-12-2018WonderFox Products Keygen 1.4Download
16-12-2018VSO Downloader 5.x Patch 1.5DownloadMirrors
05-12-2018WinRAR 5.5x/5.6x Patch 1.2Download
17-11-2018FastStone Products Keygen 1.2Download
25-09-2018SoftPerfect Products Keygen 1.0Download
28-07-2018den4b Products Keygen 1.0Download
03-07-2018Icecream Apps Patch 1.4Download
25-05-2018CyRobo Products Activator 1.2Download
21-05-2018WiseCleaner Products Activator 1.1Download
18-05-2018Auslogics-TweakBit Products Patch 1.3Download
11-05-2018FlipBuilder Flip PDF Patch 1.1Download
03-05-2018FastStone Products Keygen 1.1Download
09-04-2018Blumentals Products Keygen 1.3Download
14-03-2018File & Image Uploader Keygen 1.0Download
11-03-2018WinRAR 5.50/5.60 Patch 1.0Download
15-02-2018AVS4YOU Products Patcher 1.4Download
05-02-2018FileMenu Tools 7.x Patch 1.2Download
29-01-2018Universal Multi-Patch 1.3DownloadMirror
15-01-2018XYplorer 18.x Keygen/Activator 1.1Download
06-01-2018WonderFox Products Keygen 1.2Download
02-01-2018Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate 10.x PatchDownload

2017 Release

DateRELEASE NAMEDownloadMirrors
15-10-2017CyRobo Products Activator 1.0Download
14-10-2017Blumentals Products Keygen 1.0Download
28-09-2017xTorrent Toolbox 1.0 (BitTorrent 7.x & uTorrent 3.x)Download
11-09-2017IcoFX 3.x Keygen 1.1Download
14-08-2017Resource Tuner/RTC 2.x Patch 1.2Download
07-06-2017Light Image Resizer 5.x Patch 1.1Download
23-05-2017VSO Video Converters Patch 1.6Download
07-05-2017010 Editor 8.x Keygen 1.0DownloadMirrors
20-04-2017Bitsum Optimizers Activator 1.0DownloadMirrors
14-04-2017VSO Video Converters Patch 1.5Download
09-04-2017Process Lasso Pro 9.x Activator 1.0DownloadMirrors
03-04-2017Fotosizer 3.x Keygen 1.0DownloadMirrors
29-03-2017Hex Editor Neo 6.x Patch 1.2DownloadMirror
23-03-2017Windows 10 Firewall Control 8.x Patch 1.1Download
21-03-2017IcoFX 3.x Keygen 1.0DownloadMirrors
20-03-2017Universal Multi-Patch 1.2DownloadMirrors
11-03-2017TreeCardGames Keymaker 1.0DownloadMirror
01-03-20174VideoSoft/AiseeSoft/AnyMP4/Tipard Multi-Patch 1.1Download
20-02-2017Allavsoft 3.x Keygen 1.0Download
19-02-2017YL Software Keygen 1.3Download
31-01-2017Bits&Coffee Products Keygen 1.2Download
17-01-2017WiseCleaner Products Activator 1.0Download
17-01-2017FlipBuilder Flip PDF Patch 1.0Download

2016 Release

DateRELEASE NAMEDownloadMirrors
26-12-2016Digiarty Products Keygen 1.1Download Products Multi-Patch 1.1Download
27-10-2016Cacheman 10.x Patch 1.2Download
22-07-2016PilotEdit 9.x Patch 1.1Download
08-07-2016WinASO Products Keygen 1.0Download
11-06-2016WonderFox Products Keygen 1.0Download
06-06-2016RBSoft Keygen 1.0Download
19-05-2016VSO Video Converters Patch 1.1Download
03-05-2016Top Password Software Multi-Keygen 1.0Download
03-03-2016Digiarty Products Keygen 1.0Download
14-02-2016Aha-Soft Products Keygen 1.0Download
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04-01-2016Universal Patch for 4Videosoft/Aiseesoft/AnyMP4/Tipard Products 1.0Download

2015 Release

DateRELEASE NAMEDownloadMirrors
23-12-2015MGOSoft Products Keygen 1.0Download
18-12-20153StepPDF Keygen 1.0Download
01-09-2015Teorex Products Keygen 1.0Download
18-07-2015NCH Software Keygen 1.1Download
15-06-2015YL Software Keygen 1.0Download
14-05-2015IcoFX 2.x Keygen 1.1Download
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2014 Release

DateRELEASE NAMEDownloadMirrors
07-12-2014SmartInspect Professional 3.x Patch 1.0Download
23-10-2014ModelMaker Code Explorer[TM] 11.x Patch v1.1Download
11-10-2014ModelMaker Code Explorer[TM] 11.x Patch v1.0Download
25-09-2014Castalia 2014.x Patch v1.0Download
09-09-2014AlphaControls Universal Patch v1.1Download
25-07-2014AlphaControls Universal Patch v1.0Download
23-05-14JetBrains’s .NET Products Keymaker v0.1

Source Code:

All projects in one file (21.8 MB)

14 thoughts on “RadiXX11 Releases

  1. AntDM Generic Hook 1.5 – the app has a time bomb..the app not the fix….after a few days it goes back to trial..irs been this way for a good year with the latest updates and releases
    fix works but you have to reinstall app again once time bomb goes off.

  2. You don’t need to do this
    [ Open StreamFab & make a new StreamFab account and log into it,
    then close StreamFab ]
    Just do this instead.
    [ Copy Hook dll [ AKA ] Version dll to install folder & Restart the app
    You now have 5 dowloads every time. Phil

    The hook dll [AKA] Vesion dll also works on Y2mate Downloader.
    I never give my real email address. i
    always make an email address up.
    I don’t trust CRACKSurl when it comes to givin email address’s.
    as you should not have to give an email adddress
    just to submit your comments.

  3. All of these releases, but I can’t find a crack for ”Tina design suite v14 ”
    This software has not been cracked since long time ago,,I don’t know what is the cause,,
    Please give us a chance to install this software and test it…

  4. Please release a new O&O keygen version 1.22
    Today new O&O Defrag v28 was released.
    Your last O&O keygen 1.21 can work with older Defrag 27 and not this new 28.

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